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About HomeEco

HomeEco helps homeowners reduce the environmental impact of their property by analyzing the use of green features. We use patent-pending technology to identify green characteristics in four major areas and then automatically produce a report giving homeowners an overall picture of environmental performance and highlighting areas of possible improvement.

A HomeEco green assessment goes beyond simply stating a home is energy and water efficient. It uses an independent, third party verification that a home and property responsibly uses green features to reduce environmental impact. Because HomeEco doesn't sell green products or services directly, our reports are un-biased and neutral, resulting in significant value for individuals thinking of selling, buying, or just maintaining their property for the long term. A HomeEco assessment is a cost-effective investment in your home's potential.

Our Awesome Staff

Rich Myers


Rich Myers has been a successful entrepreneur and is the business visionary and kickstarter for the HomeEco concept. He previously founded a company that provides green services to small businesses.

Ann Edminster


Ann Edminster is the principal architect of the HomeEco product model. She is a leading green building expert and was a principal developer of the LEED for Homes Rating System.